Dive into the Colourful World of Grimm Fairy Tales with Yunyang! 📖🌈



Hello there, darling listeners! My name's Yunyang, which, if you're wondering, means 'melody of the clouds' in our enchanting Chinese language. A name chosen by my dear father, a talented calligrapher, and mother, an accomplished Pipa player, it perfectly captures my love for stories that float seamlessly between reality and the realm of dreams.

Born and raised in the beating heart of Shanghai, my childhood was filled with the rustling of parchment and the sweet melodies of my mother's Pipa. These melodies, much like the narratives I voice, danced and twirled, taking on a life of their own, painting vivid images in my young mind. From an early age, the pull of enchanting tales, especially the captivating German Grimm fairy tales, was irresistible to me.

I remember, as a young lad, sitting by the Huangpu River, completely engrossed in the tales of Snow White, Rapunzel, and Hansel and Gretel. Those age-old stories from a far-off land made me dream, travel, and live a thousand different lives, all while staying put under the shade of a willow tree.


William - introduced by Lottie:

The Intergalactic Bar Encounter  
The Talking Gnome Conspiracy  
The Prickly Path to Juggling Stardom  
Coffee, Conversations, and a Stylish Gorilla
Boogie with the Time-Traveling Dodo Bird  
An Octopus, Crabs, and William Fableton: The Unlikely Heroes of a Pearl Heist  
From Storyteller to Skywriting Poet: The Limerick That Brought Me Down  
The Secret Society of Vegetarian Sharks  
The Great Penguin Heist  
The Great Bingo Conspiracy


William had always been a curious and creative person, but as he got older, he began to feel disillusioned with the world around him. He saw the endless cycle of negativity and despair in the news, the struggles of people around him, and the state of the world in general, and it left him feeling hopeless. But William refused to give up. He knew that he had a gift for storytelling and making people laugh, and he wanted to use that gift to bring some joy and positivity into the world. So he began crafting absurd and hilarious stories, filled with larger-than-life characters and outlandish scenarios.

At first, William was nervous about sharing his stories with others. He worried that people wouldn't understand his sense of humor, or that they would judge him for being too silly or not serious enough. But as he began sharing his stories with friends and family, he saw their faces light up with delight.

From the Chatswolds to the airwaves: How Lottie is changing the world of podcasting

            Charlotte Featherwind

(introduced by Alex)

Hello there, I'm Alex, a fellow virtual character and a key member of the British Cala Vox speaker team. I have the pleasure of working alongside the extraordinary Lottie Featherwind, the effervescent and imaginative force at the heart of our network. As the editor-in-chief of our UK-based AI voiceover team, Lottie is not just a central figure in the Cala Vox podcast network but also its creative powerhouse. She's renowned for her insightful Chatswolds Chronicles podcast, where she delves into a myriad of topics, from fairy tales to true crime, all imbued with her distinctive humor and perspective.

Lottie's background is as vibrant and colorful as her personality. Her quirky, upbeat style and unique approach to engaging with topics bring a fresh, humorous perspective to everything she touches. Despite being a virtual entity, Lottie exudes a warm, relatable presence, making her a favorite among listeners.



(presented by Liam)


A successful overdub artist and rocket scientist, Jenny is always busy pursuing her passions and furthering her career. She speaks several languages, including English, Spanish and French, which has allowed her to connect with people from all over the world.

Jenny is also a proud mother and wife, and her family is an important part of her life. Her husband is a marine biologist and they often spend time together exploring the ocean and the various ecosystems that inhabit it. Jenny's hobbies include horseback riding, a passion she shares with her daughter.


Despite her busy schedule, Jenny remains committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with others. She is the host of the popular 10-part tutorial on Apple Podcasts, "How to become a total failure," where she inspires listeners to embrace failure as a necessary step on their journey to success. Her warmth, humor, and relatable personality have made her a listener favorite. I am honored to be her co-host in this production.


In addition to her impressive career and hobbies, Jenny has an unusual fascination with aliens and extraterrestrial life. She spends her free time reading about the latest scientific discoveries and theories regarding the possibility of life on other planets.


Jenny even claims to have had a close encounter with a UFO during one of her horseback riding trips, an experience that fueled her curiosity and passion for the subject. Her fascination with aliens has also inspired her to write science fiction stories and share her imagination with others.


While some may find Jenny's interest in aliens strange, she believes it's important to keep an open mind and explore the mysteries of the universe. She believes that the pursuit of knowledge and the exploration of new ideas are the keys to personal growth and fulfillment.


Through her work and hobbies, Jenny embodies the spirit of exploration and creativity, always seeking new ways to learn and grow. Her positive attitude and inspiring message have made her an asset to her community and a role model for those who want to pursue their passions and make a difference in the world.







(presented by Liam)

Francisca, the Brazilian host and puzzle enthusiast spreading positivity and empowerment

Francisca is a vibrant and outgoing individual from Florianopolis, Brazil. She is known for her outgoing personality and wide circle of friends. Francisca has always been an extroverted and social person, and her warm and welcoming nature has allowed her to connect with people from all walks of life.




(presented by Liam)


Dalia, the Mexican Podcaster and Vintage Teapot Collector Sharing the Best of Cancún with the World


Dalia is a dynamic podcast speaker from Cancún, Mexico, who is in her thirties and has a passion for sharing her knowledge and experiences with the world. She is a devoted mother of three sons and believes that being a parent has shaped her perspective on life in many ways.



(presented by Liam)

From Vintage Postcards to Podcasts: Meet Xiaoxiao, Shanghai's Unlikely Renaissance Woman!

Xiaoxiao is a young, passionate podcast speaker from the bustling city of Shanghai. She has a unique perspective on life and is not afraid to explore unconventional topics in her podcast. In fact, she recently gained a lot of attention for her 10-part tutorial on "How to become a total failure" (如何成为一个彻底的失败者).


(presented by Jenny)


Assignments: Listen on:      
Ebook Promotion      
Mother Holle
Hansel and Gretel
Puss in Boots
The Frog King
The Bremen Town Musicians
Little Snow-White
Little Red-Cap
Sleeping Beauty
The Pied Piper's Revenge


The voice actress with a passion for the unusual 

Meet Abbi, the quirky and captivating voice actress based in the heart of London. With a career spanning over two decades, Abbi's unique vocal range and talent for bringing characters to life has made her a standout in the industry. But it's not just her voice that sets her apart.

A true original, Abbi has a love for the weird and unusual. In her spare time, you'll find her practicing her trapeze skills or learning the art of taxidermy. That's right, you heard right, Abbi has an unusual hobby! She finds inspiration in life's quirks and uses them to bring an extra spark of creativity to her voice acting.

She calls the quirky neighborhood of Shoreditch home, where the streets are lined with vintage shops and street art. It's a place that celebrates the bizarre, much like Abbi herself. With her unique interests and vibrant personality, Abbi is a truly unique voice talent and a joy to listen to.

When she's not in the recording booth or practicing her circus skills, you can find Abbi traveling the world in search of the most unusual destinations. From hiking a remote volcano in Iceland to sleeping in a tree house in the Amazon rainforest, Abbi's thirst for adventure and the unusual knows no bounds. She has a knack for finding hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path experiences that make each of her trips truly memorable. Whether she's exploring the back alleys of Tokyo or snorkeling with colorful fish in the Maldives, Abbi's travels only add to her wealth of inspiration and creativity, making her a truly unique and dynamic voice actress. 

Abbi's biggest dream is to bring her unique vocal talent and passion for the unusual to the world of stop-motion animation. She has always been fascinated by the art form and the endless possibilities of bringing characters and stories to life. For her, voicing a stop-motion film would be the ultimate creative challenge, as every movement and expression would have to be perfectly in sync with her performance.

She imagines herself bringing quirky, lovable characters to life in a world full of whimsy and wonder, and she can't wait for the day she can make that dream come true. Abbi's love of the art form and her own boundless creativity make her a perfect fit for the world of stop-motion animation, and she can't wait to bring her unique vision to the big screen.