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Assignments: Listen on:      
Little Red Riding Hood    
Introduction to Bedtime Tales    
Benny's Beat (free)        
Hansel and Gretel (Trailer)    


His deep, warm voice captivates listeners around the world


Liam is a professional voice actor. He has a very special voice that can bring any story to life with just a few words. Imagine listening to a book or podcast and suddenly feeling like you're in the middle of the adventure! It's all thanks to Liam and his talent.


In fact, Liam has been practicing his voice acting skills for over 10 years - can you believe that? He's got a spark in his voice that makes every story special and exciting. And he's a real pro, always working hard to make sure his voice sounds amazing. He lives in Toronto and a lot of people want to hear his voice! He loves performing and bringing different characters to life with his voice. He's always learning and getting better so he can continue to bring us all the best voice acting ever.

Liam's family is as special as he is: He has a loving wife and two adorable children who always make him smile. Liam loves spending time with his family and making memories that will last a lifetime. They enjoy going on adventures, exploring new places and trying new things together.

In addition, Liam has a close group of friends who share his love of voice acting and performing. They often get together to practice and perform for each other and always have a great time. When Liam isn't recording in the studio or spending time with his family and friends, he has a few hobbies that he loves. One of his favorites is gardening! Liam finds peace and quiet tending to his plants and watching them grow. He also loves to read and explore new books, especially those with exciting stories and characters.

As a professional voice actor and traveler, Liam has many interests and experiences to share. He and his family enjoy spending time together and creating memories from their adventures. Some of their favorite destinations include Paris, France for its beautiful architecture and charming cafes; Tokyo, Japan for its unique culture and technology; Cape Town, South Africa for its breathtaking natural beauty; and Sydney, Australia for its stunning coastline and diverse wildlife.

In his spare time, Liam enjoys gardening and reading. He finds peace in tending to his plants and is always eager to explore new books with exciting stories and characters. Liam values his family, friends and hobbies as much as his work, making him a well-rounded individual.


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