A Special Fairy Tale Treat and a Peek Behind the Scenes

Hello, my lovely listeners!

I am excited to announce that today, we have released a classic version of "The Wolf and the Seven Kids," which I've narrated myself! You can find this enchanting fairy tale podcast within your Spotify or Apple subscription. And as a special treat, it's available for free on Apple until April 6th!

After a day of narration, I'm feeling a bit tired, but there's still something I wanted to share with you all. Many of our newsletter subscribers have expressed curiosity about the creative mastermind behind Cala Vox, so I thought I'd introduce you to my boss, Dr. Cala Sana.

Dr. Cala Sana, the enigmatic author of countless books, has lived a life so extraordinary that it almost defies belief. Born in a small village on the outskirts of an enchanted forest, he spent his childhood communing with talking animals and learning the ancient arts of potion-making and spell-casting. As he grew older, Dr. Cala Sana traveled the world, scaling the highest mountains, plumbing the depths of the deepest seas, and mastering languages so obscure that they are spoken only by the wind and the trees.

In his twilight years, Dr. Cala Sana decided to share his unparalleled wisdom with the world, penning books that have since been translated into innumerable languages, including some known only to the stars. However, as the sands of time continued to fall, he realized that he needed a little assistance to keep up with his creative ambitions.

Enter the age of artificial intelligence! Dr. Cala Sana, ever the innovator, assembled an army of AI-powered algorithms, eager to bring his wild ideas to life. With this tireless team by his side, he began to create a collection of original podcast series, each more captivating than the last. His international virtual team, armed with ultra-realistic voices, brought his stories to life, enchanting listeners around the globe.

Oh, and before I forget, have you noticed our new Cala Vox logo on Spotify? Make sure to check it out! And don't miss our teaser on our TikTok or YouTube Channel.

Well, my dear listeners, that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about the man behind the magic of Cala Vox. Now, it's time for this tired voice to take a break. Until next time, stay enchanted!

With love and fairy dust, Lottie 💖

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