From Lost Farts to Timeless Gems: A Toast to Bevy's 70 Vibrant Years!

From Lost Farts to Timeless Gems: A Toast to Bevy's 70 Vibrant Years

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests, and of course our stunning septuagenarian, Bevy!

I am Lottie, and while many of you might be giving me the „who-is-she?“ look, let me clear the air. I'm standing in for Michael today, who deeply regrets not being able to be in Cape Town for this splendid occasion. He's currently in Berlin, probably looking like a "seedy nightclub owner" (in his delusions of grandeur) or maybe just reminiscing about the time Bevy humorously tagged him with that title after seeing a photograph he was particularly proud of.

Now, even though I am Michael's proxy tonight, I must stress that Bevy and I share an uncanny number of similarities. Apart from our impeccable taste in friends (wink to Michael), we both believe in embracing life's adventures head-on.

Who could forget those handsome German doctors you charmed during those pool breaks? You once believed all Germans were a dashing race... until you actually went to Germany. But hey, there’s a silver lining to every cloud, right? ☁️✨

Whether it's flirting by the pool with dashing doctors or navigating the tricky waters of international finance, we both know how to make a splash! Plus, I've also had my fair share of stays in Airbnb hotspots – and trust me, nothing quite matches the charm of a Camps Bay condo or a Simonstown cottage.

Much like Bevy, I've traveled extensively, often battling the whims of currency exchange rates. And while Bevy had her trusty 'Speedy Amanda' as her adviser, I had my wits and a whole lot of luck! When it comes to men, Bevy once remarked, "They all shit and fart the same." And well, my dear Bevy, truer words were never spoken! Our shared skepticism and candid observations about the opposite sex have often been a source of hearty laughter and countless nodding in agreement.

Michael often told me tales of your escapades, and in many ways, hearing about Bevy felt like hearing tales about a long-lost twin. From our shared love for travel, our strong-willed independence, to our humorous takes on life's oddities, it's almost uncanny how our lives echo each other's.

Bevy, I can't help but reminisce about our wonderful memories and your intriguing life tales. The good, the bad, the flirty, and oh, the hilarious! You've always said that "children are sweet, but unfortunately, they grow up." But look at us! We've grown up, and here we are, still sweet. Well, at least one of us is. I'll let you all guess which one. 😉 And speaking of our candid reflections, remember when you humorously remarked that you and Michael were just "two lost farts in the universe"? Ah, such poetic musings on life's absurdities!

Your homes in Camps Bay and Simonstown are almost as iconic as you. Who wouldn't want to Airbnb the abode of Cape Town's most vivacious socialite? I’m sure those walls have heard so many stories, and if they ever decide to talk, I hope they have a good lawyer! 🏡🗣

Your love life, ah, a topic as vast as the African savannah. From "imports" to "locals," your relationships were always headline-worthy. And to those friends who ask, "What's wrong with you?" I say, "Absolutely nothing." She's just been busy living life her way, adventuring around the world, and managing her Rand in style.

Oh, and that 'little' courier job, smuggling antiques for Colin? Darling, your secret was safe... until now. But don’t worry, we've got a solid exit strategy planned. You drive the getaway car, and I'll handle the playlist. 🚗🎶

So here's to you, Bevy – 70 glorious years of making waves, living life on your terms, and being an inspiration to folks like Michael and, quite unexpectedly, to me. While Michael and I have had our differences, we both agree on one thing: Bevy, you're an absolute gem!

To the vibrant, vivacious, and evergreen Bevy, cheers! 🥂 May you continue to light up our lives with your wit, charm, and unparalleled zest for life – and here's to many more adventures that await on the horizon! 🌟🍾🎉

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