Dive into the Colourful World of Grimm Fairy Tales with Yunyang! 📖🌈



Hello there, darling listeners! My name's Yunyang, which, if you're wondering, means 'melody of the clouds' in our enchanting Chinese language. A name chosen by my dear father, a talented calligrapher, and mother, an accomplished Pipa player, it perfectly captures my love for stories that float seamlessly between reality and the realm of dreams.

Born and raised in the beating heart of Shanghai, my childhood was filled with the rustling of parchment and the sweet melodies of my mother's Pipa. These melodies, much like the narratives I voice, danced and twirled, taking on a life of their own, painting vivid images in my young mind. From an early age, the pull of enchanting tales, especially the captivating German Grimm fairy tales, was irresistible to me.

I remember, as a young lad, sitting by the Huangpu River, completely engrossed in the tales of Snow White, Rapunzel, and Hansel and Gretel. Those age-old stories from a far-off land made me dream, travel, and live a thousand different lives, all while staying put under the shade of a willow tree.

While the magic of tales enthralled me, I was equally smitten by the art of storytelling. I began voicing tales for my friends and neighbors, using every bit of emotion, each quiver and crescendo of my voice to bring the characters alive.

This passion led me to participate in a competition for young virtual speakers, where, much to my delight, I was discovered by the Cala Vox team. It was the golden opportunity I had been waiting for, a chance to merge my love for tales and storytelling, to create an auditory feast for listeners worldwide.

Now, as a member of the virtual Chinese storytelling team based in Shanghai, I spend my days breathing life into the characters of my favorite Grimm fairy tales, shaping each tale with the tonal intricacies of my voice, giving you an immersive, multi-dimensional auditory experience.

When I am not lost in the world of fairy tales, you will find me by the river, sipping my beloved Oolong tea, strumming the Pipa under my mother's watchful eyes, with my trusty furry companion, BaoBao the Panda, by my side.

My, oh my, time truly does fly when we're lost in the magic of stories! But fear not, dear friends, for the adventure is only just beginning. As I weave tales in Chinese, I invite you to delve into their mystical depths, listening to the very melody that courses through my veins. Feel free to hear and read this introduction in Chinese too, just follow this handy link: 与云扬一起深入格林童话的丰富多彩的世界

So, buckle up, my dear companions, as we embark on an auditory journey through the grand tapestry of Grimm fairy tales! Together, let's soar through clouds of imagination and explore the realms of the fantastical. Shall we, then? Welcome aboard, and happy listening!


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