Growing up in a traditional Chinese family in Shanghai, Xiaoxiao was raised to believe that success was the most important thing in life. Her parents always stressed the importance of education and hard work, and Xiaoxiao excelled in both. However, as she grew older, she began to question the traditional definition of success and began to explore more unconventional paths.

Despite her focus on failure, Xiaoxiao is far from a failure herself. She's a talented and charismatic speaker who connects with her audience in a way few others can. Her podcasts are not only entertaining, but also thought-provoking, and have gained a loyal following of listeners.

In addition to her podcasting work, Xiaoxiao has an unusual hobby that sets her apart from others in her field. She is an avid collector of vintage postcards and has an impressive collection of cards from all over the world. 

Xiaoxiao's passion for vintage postcards began when she came across a box of them at a flea market. She was immediately drawn to the beautiful artwork and historical significance of the cards, and quickly became hooked on collecting them. She spends hours scouring online auctions and visiting antique shops, always on the lookout for new additions to her collection.

One of the things Xiaoxiao loves most about her hobby is the sense of connection it gives her to the past. She's fascinated by the stories behind the postcards and often spends hours researching the people and places depicted on them. She sees her collection as a way to preserve history and takes great pride in sharing her knowledge with others.

Her combination of creativity, originality, and intelligence make her a rising star in the podcasting community. She continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the medium and is sure to continue to surprise and delight her listeners with her unique perspective on life.

She is a reminder that success can take many different forms and that it's important to follow your own path, even if it's not the traditional one. Her love of vintage postcards is a testament to her creativity and appreciation for history, and it's just one of the many things that make her such a fascinating and inspiring person.



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