Reading skills reach new heights with original Grimm translation

Hi, it's Lottie from the Cala Vox UK podcast team. I wanted to talk to you about something super important: reading comprehension. It's basically the ability to read something and really understand what it's trying to say. It's not just about recognising words, it's about being able to interpret them, work out the context and draw conclusions about what the author is trying to tell you.

Recently, I was challenged to use my skills to read Rumpelstiltskin by the Brothers Grimm in the original language. This was no easy task as the story had been translated by Margaret Raine Hunt and edited by Dr Cala Sana, which meant that there were some tricky words and phrases that I had to navigate.

Rediscover the darkly beautiful and timeless tales of the Brothers Grimm with our new eBook

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(introduced by Abbi)

Enter a world of magic and enchantment: Rediscover the darkly beautiful and timeless tales of the Brothers Grimm with our new eBook - 10 Classic Fairy Tales You Won't Want to Miss!

Dear Reader,

Welcome to this ebook of classic fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, translated by Margaret Raine Hunt and edited by Dr. Cala Sana. Whether you read these stories to yourself or share them with your children as a bedtime story, you'll be transported to a world of wonder and enchantment.

In this collection, you'll find 10 timeless tales that have captured the imagination of readers for generations. Here's a brief overview of each story and its moral:

Magical stories, no effort required

(read by Jenny)

How the Cala fabula channel is the fairy godmother of every busy parent

10 benefits of subscribing to the Cala fabula channel for parents who don't have time to read bedtime stories to their kids

  1. Improves reading skills: Listening to storytelling can help children develop their listening and comprehension skills, which can help them become better readers.
  2. Inspires imagination: Grimm's fairy tales are known for their imaginative settings and characters. Listening to the stories on the Cala fabula channel can help children develop their own creativity and imagination.
  3. Builds vocabulary: Hearing new words in context can help children build their vocabulary and improve their language skills.
  4. Develops critical thinking skills: The stories on the Cala fabula channel often have underlying messages or themes that can help children develop critical thinking skills.
  5. Provides entertainment: Children can be entertained by the stories on the Cala fabula channel while parents take a break or perform other tasks.

Step aside, Cinderella: The real hero wears boots!


Attention fairy tale lovers! Abbi from London is here to bring you an exclusive reading of the beloved Grimm classic, "Puss in Boots". This timeless tale follows the adventures of a clever cat who with the help of his magical boots goes from rags to riches and helps his master become a prince.

Abbi's reading of "Puss in Boots" is now available exclusively on Cala Vox's Cala fabula channel on Apple Podcasts and Spotify for all subscribers to enjoy. Her captivating voice brings this classic story to life, making it a delight for children and adults alike.

Do you remember how the story begins? Here it is:


Bring magic to your ears: Cala Vox presents 8 timeless fairy tales on Spotify


We are thrilled to announce the release of 8 classic fairy tales on Spotify, starting today!

Discover the timeless stories of Snow-White, Little Red Riding Hood, Thumbling and Cinderella, as well as four other classic fairy tales, brought to life through captivating storytelling in Cala Vox's latest release on Spotify. These are the original texts by the Brothers Grimm, translated by Margaret Raine Hunt, and presented in their purest form, without sound effects, perfect for those who love to immerse themselves in the classic stories of their childhood.

Little Red Riding Hood gets a new touch with Cala Vox

Fairy tales have enchanted audiences for generations, and Cala Vox is proud to bring a new twist to one of the most beloved stories of all time: Little Red Riding Hood. This classic story has been adapted by Cala Vox and narrated by Liam from our Canadian team, making it a must-hear for anyone who loves fairy tales.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Little Red Riding Hood is the tale of a young girl who sets out through the woods to visit her grandmother. Along the way, she encounters a cunning wolf who tries to trick her into revealing the whereabouts of her grandmother's house. With its themes of cunning and bravery, Little Red Riding Hood has been a staple of fairy tales for centuries.

Grimm's Fairy Tales Get a Fresh Twist with Cala Vox

Once upon a time, in a virtual kingdom, there lived a team of skilled narrators known as Cala Vox. They had a mission to bring classic tales to life for a new generation of listeners.

After releasing a podcast tutorial on How to Become a Total Failure, the Babel's Park audioplay (a media saga straight from the depths of wordplay madness), and several videos on TikTok and YouTube, Cala Vox is proud to present the most popular Grimm's fairy tales, newly edited and narrated by experienced narrators of the team.

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Wilhelm Grimm and Jacob Grimm, 1847